Woman Travels 500 Miles for Easiest Driving Test… And Fails

Woman Failing Driving Test

To make her driving test as easy as possible, Constance Kampfer traveled for 500 miles, only for her to fail again. 

Many factors contribute to the success or failure of people taking a driving test. Passing a driving test can sometimes be tricky for people trying to get their driver’s license for the first time. 

While some people pass on their first trial, others may have to try multiple times to pass the exams and finally get their licenses. 

However, for one British lady, Constance Kampfer, in the quest to get her driving license decided to make the process as easy as she could manage after failing on her first attempt. 

She had developed a fear of roundabouts while driving and wanted to test herself where she would have a lower chance of failing this vital part of the exam. 

Constance did a quick Google search to discover where she could take the test with the maximum guarantee of success to avoid facing her fear.

 First, she searched for some testing centres with a high success rate that would probably make her test easier. This was when she discovered the Isle of Mill with one of the highest success rates in the UK. 

Constance knew she had found the perfect place, with the area having a 90% success rate and the feature of mostly single-track roads and just one roundabout. 

However, to get to Isle of Mill off the west coast of Scotland from London, Constance would have to take a whopping 10hrs journey, including a ferry ride. 

Constance booked as early as possible and journeyed to the Isle of Mill with no other option left to explore. 

Upon her arrival, Constance discovered that there was no driving instructor to lend her a car to take the driving test. Luckily, a local woman offered Constance her vehicle for the test. Speaking about the incident, Constance explained

“For their lessons, residents tend to head to Oban on the mainland, where the ferry to the island departs from. None of the instructors I got hold of fancied the trip, each warning me of high chances that my crossing would be cancelled in bad weather. I took to Facebook, where local paramedic Mairi took pity and offered her blue Mini.”

Constance felt confident about her chances with only one roundabout, nowhere for parallel parking, and a landscape full of mountains. 

However, that didn’t turn out to be the case after the test when the examiner told Constance she had failed. According to her

“He had mentioned a few times that I was straying too far into the middle of the road for his liking, but I had taken it to be friendly advice. Instead, it turned out to be my downfall.”

Sadly, after journeying for 500 miles to make her chances of passing easier, Constance failed in her second attempt. Hopefully, she doesn’t give up and tries again. 

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