Never Worry About Lugging Your Luggage Again With the Suitcase That Moves Itself

Travelmate Robotics Robot Suitacase

Whether you are at the airport for a lengthy holiday or just packing for a weekend away, hauling around your luggage, especially if you aren’t one to pack light, can be a chore.

But what if we told you that there was a suitcase that moved by itself? You might not believe it, but that is exactly what the robotoic marvel known as the Travelmate does.

In what is perhaps the biggest innovation to the travel industry since wheels stuck on suitcases, the US-based company has developed hands-free smart luggage.

The new autonomous suitcase has been designed to follow behind you as you walk by linking into a smart phone app, and is capable of reaching speeds of almost 7 mph, powered by a battery which can be charged at any typical socket or even using a USB port.

The case has a sleek design which enables it to be positioned vertically or horizontally, and the almost imperceptible motor is even powerful enough to handle the weight of another bog standard bag on top of it.

The autonomous luggage has been created to automatically adjust to your speed and is capable of navigating rough terrain and crowds. The intuitive mechanics and intelligent sensors enable the case navigate rough terrain and crowds, changing direction, adjusting to your speed, and stopping on a dime if another pesky traveller gets in the way.

Travelmate Robotics

Travelmate RoboticsThe company behind the robotic luggage is called Travelmate Robotics, and it took a 26-man team to bring their concept to life.

The San Fransico-based company are launching the product with the help of IndieGoGo, a crowdfunding website, setting a $100,000 (£82,000) goal which would enable them to mass produce the cases.

Those not interested in crowdfunding are also able to pre-order with prices starting at $399 (£327) per unit minus shipping.

The TravelMate can be purchased in 3 sizes and an array of colours.

Impressive as it is, the Travelmate isn’t the first product that has attempted to redefine how we travel; Modobag is another suitcase invention that has received a lot of attention on IndieGoGo.

The difference is that Modobag can also be used as a mode of transport, with the luggage doubling as a seat with a pair of handlebars at the front for steering. It is able to travel 8 mph which is 3 times faster than walking speed, so you will be first in the queue at the boarding gate, but you might look a bit silly getting there.

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