Uber Walking Buddy Hoax: Spokesman Confirms Screenshot is a Fake

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In October 2022, a tweet from user @JohnPompliano went viral. In it, the user suggested that the ride-hailing app, Uber, was rolling out a new feature. This was to be known as Uber Buddy, a system where people match with others to walk with them, much like a person could hire another’s car to take them on a trip. This was supposed to handle situations where individuals cannot find Uber rides to their destinations or when they would rather not walk alone.

The tweet was accompanied by what appeared to be a screenshot of an Uber app. Besides the UberX and Uber pool options, there was a third one, tagged “Walking Buddy,” complete with the fare for the feature. As would be expected, the tweet instantly went viral. While many people went under the comments to have fun, posting their takes on the issue, several others took the tweet seriously and even expressed interest in signing up for the feature. It also got on Facebook, with various users explaining how the new option was supposed to work.

However, it has now been proven that the tweet was a hoax. Uber responded via private communication to major news platforms to debunk the rumour. It stated that nothing of such was planned or is even in the works. 

The prank had once been played on unsuspecting Uber fans barely two years ago. The first time the tweet made the rounds in 2020, Uber had even responded then with a tongue-in-cheek quote that read, “Gotta get those steps in.”

Even though Uber is not offering the Uber Buddy option, some other ride-hailing platforms are seriously considering the feature. Some popular platforms that offer this feature include Walking Buddy, BuddyToBody, and Buddio Walk. These apps provide options for those looking for walking companions, dog-walking friends, and even running buddies. Who knows, Uber might want a slice of the pie and could even provide this feature sometime in the future. In any case, fingers crossed.

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