Nige-Fest: Gathering of People Named Nigel Breaks World Record

Nige Fest

432 Nigels gathered to break the world record in what is fast becoming one of the world’s most famous festivals, the “Nige-fest.”

In 2016, Worcestershire pub landlord Nigel Smith, who runs the Fleece Inn, came across new birth records indicating his name “Nigel” had become extinct. 

Mr. Smith, shocked by the news, became determined to boost the popularity of his name. So, he created a festival called “Nige-fest,” where people would come together to celebrate all things, Nigel. 

Nige Fest LogoHowever, Mr. Smith’s idea of promoting his name reached its apex in 2019 when 432 Nigels joined him for the first festival and, in doing so, broke the world record for the largest gathering of people named Nigel. 

To continue the tradition, another Nige-fest was held in September 2022, and although there was hope the record could be broken again, only 372 Nigels made it to the festival. 

Still, the festival’s main goal was achieved as hundreds of Nigels reunited to celebrate their “Nigel-ness.” Some of the traditions of the fest included attendees bringing photo IDs and signing the “Book of Nigel,” which is kept at the pub. 

An 84-year-old American was the oldest Nigel in attendance, while the youngest Nigel was in his 30s, and they both went home with individual awards. Also, some Nigels traveled from Los Angeles, Florida, and Texas to the event, while others came from as far as Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, and Spain. The second edition of “Nige-fest” also raised more than £3000 for the British Heart Foundation. 

Speaking after the recent event, Mr. Smith voiced his happiness at the success of another “Nige-fest.” He said

“It was absolutely brilliant. We had a fantastic time. It was like we all had known each other forever, but obviously, we didn’t. It was a great feeling for all of us getting together and celebrating our Nigel-ness.”

Finally, he disclosed plans for the festival to be held every two or three years, and the next edition would be in 2025. 


Featured image credit – Nige-Fest (Image Credit: The Fleece Inn, Bretforton)

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