Emiliano Sala plane crash: Pilot’s licence scrutiny

Newsexplored25th February 2019

Schalke ‘ultra’ arrested over clash with critically ill Man City fan

Newsexplored25th February 2019

Robert Kraft: New England Patriots owner charged in sex sting

Newsexplored22nd February 2019

LGBT group severs links with Navratilova over transgender comments

Newsexplored20th February 2019

Liberia – where no-one dares to tackle President George Weah

Newsexplored19th February 2019

Emiliano Sala: Mourners arrive for wake and funeral

Newsexplored16th February 2019

Sala’s body flown back to Argentina for funeral

Newsexplored15th February 2019

Emiliano Sala: Body to be flown home to Argentina for vigil

Newsexplored13th February 2019

Boys banned from playing netball at Urdd sports festival

Newsexplored13th February 2019

José Mourinho to host own football show on Russian network RT

Newsexplored11th February 2019

Hakeem al-Araibi: Thailand to free refugee footballer

Newsexplored11th February 2019

Flamengo football club: Ten die in Rio de Janeiro fire

Newsexplored8th February 2019